Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

Recommended Reading

Recommended reading on Bowen Family Systems Theory:Growing Yourself Up

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“Growing Yourself Up” by FSI Director & Founder, Jenny Brown

“This book is an excellent resource for those interested in pursuing greater emotional maturity in their relationships (and those learning to help others do so). In short, a wonderfully clear, thoughtful and engaging read. I recommend it highly” -Elizabeth A. Skowron, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

To read a review published in ANZJFT click here.

To purchase the book please visit Amazon or Book Depository. Alternatively, contact our office to purchase & pick up your copy.

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  • Harrison Victoria. My Family My Self: A Journal of Discovery order at:
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  • Schara, A. (2013). Your Mindfulness Compass. Self-published.

FSI Book Shelf

For application to organizations

  • Baker Katherine & Fox Leslie. 2009. Leading a Business in Anxious Times. Order here.
  • Gilbert, Roberta M.D Extraordinary Leadership. Order here.
  • Gilbert, R.M. (2009).  The Cornerstone Concept:  In Leadership.  In Life.  Leading Systems Press (order from her web site)
  • Miller Jeffrey. The Anxious Organization: Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things (Paperback)
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