Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

Lily Mailler

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Lily Mailler: Registered psychologist, senior family systems clinician and trainer. Specialty in parenting, couple and post separation issues

Lily Mailler is a registered psychologist and Medicare & private health insurance provider. Lily is a full member of the APS – Australian Psychological Society and is also an APS registered supervisor. Her particular areas of expertise are:

  • Improving family and couple relationships
  • Dealing with separation and divorce
  • General mental health: anxiety, depression.
  • Peri natal and postnatal depression
  • Obsessive behaviours such as addictions.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Workplace conflict and stress
  • Cross cultural issues
  • Parenting issues (assisting parents with concerns about children, adolescents symptoms)
  • Yong adults & adolescents (adjustment issues, anxiety, self-confidence, eating issues)


Additional to her psychology training Lily and has completed the 3 year certificate program in family system theory and practice.   She is now a regular trainer in this program. Since the late 1990’s Lily has assisted individuals, couples and families to resolve relationship issues and address symptoms of anxiety, depression, loss, amongst others.

As an employment assistance provider for the past 7 years, Lily has also assisted clients to address work related issues such as bullying, conflict and stress management.

Lily is keen to keep abreast of research into the neurophysiology of emotions, given the important role these play in the relationship process and symptomatology.

Lily speaks fluent Spanish and has extensive experience working with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. She is particularly interested in understanding the role culture plays in the expression of relationship and relationship issues. Lily is also interested in faith and spirituality in people’s lives.

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