Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

Clinical Supervision and Reading Group

A high level of differentiation self facilitates…[t]he therapist’s ability to maintain both clear and flexible personal boundaries…[and] allows him or her to uphold an effective separation between the patient’s emotional world and his or her own.

Halevi & Idisis, 2017, p. 5



  • Group supervision comprises a maximum of 6 participants. The aim is to assist participants to integrate new knowledge in an environment of collaborative learning and reflection. Participants will be asked to formulate hypotheses and present their thinking about clinical cases using family systems theory’s concepts and main assumptions (pre- reading IS provided for this). Participants will also be asked to reflect on the self of the therapist, noticing their triggers and sensitivities to clients and where they are vulnerable to losing objectivity (taking sides).
  • A reading and discussion component is part of this group, covering themes of family life cycle, culture, gender, and social contexts relevant to the clinical process.
  • Pre-reading will cover the clinical approach utilising Bowen FST. The 5 sessions will prioritise couple and family cases, but will also consider cases involving family systems work with an individual.
  • Strict codes of confidentiality will apply

This group can be applied as essential RPL for FSI 2 year core programs commencing Feb/March 2022 and applied towards associate membership of AAFT (Australian Association of Family Therapy).

Facilitated by FSI faculty Veronica Peters, Accredited supervisor and clinical member with AAFT.

Cost $560 plus GST

Conditions of Enrolment

  • Currently working with clients
  • Has a basic understanding of Bowen theory evidenced by min of 6 hour training at the FSI,
  • Previous supervision or coaching with a Bowen theory trained supervisor/therapist.
  • Committed to attending all sessions (except for genuine emergencies)
  • Able to utilise zoom meeting platform with good internet speed

Dates and Booking

Expressions of interest for supervision groups for 2022 are being taken. We have a few places left. Please complete the enquiry form below and email it to to lodge your expression of interest in upcoming groups. Applications for Clinical Supervision groups require evidence of a minimum of 6 hours of participation in FSI and/or Bowen Theory related workshops as an introduction to the theory and to have some background to the Family of Origin research approach in these groups. If you are new to Bowen Theory, please join an Introduction to Bowen Theory reading and discussion group.


If you have further questions about this program, please email

If you would like to apply for a place in this group, please download an enquiry form and return by email to

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