Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

Other Bowen Institutes

The Bowen Centre for the Study of the Family: Located in Georgetown, Washington DC, the Centre has a long association with the work of Dr. Bowen. Their website contains a wealth of information including this short biography of Murray Bowen as well this overview of Bowen Theory.
The Center for the Study of Natural Systems and the FamilyThe Center provides educational programs and information in Bowen theory and the study of family systems.
Also… CSNS&F Border Programs – El Paso,TX/ Juarez, Mexico. This website is available in both English and Spanish.
Family Institute of Westchester: The Family Institute of Westchester (FIW) is a postgraduate family therapy training institute for mental health professionals located in New York. The original faculty was headed by internationally renowned therapist and author Betty Carter. 
Living Systems: The mission of the Centre is to contribute to knowledge of human behavior from a natural systems perspective and to offer that knowledge through the provision of counselling, training and education to interested members of the community.
The Western Pensylvania Family Center: The Center’s mission is to enhance the knowledge of those who work with families and other systems by being a resource for education, consultation, and research in basic principles of human functioning as contained primarily in Bowen theory. They have an extensive catalogue of video and printed publications.


Australian Sites

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy: The ANZJFT is reputed to be the most-stolen professional journal in Australia! It is read by clinicians as well as by academics, and each issue includes substantial papers reflecting original perspectives on family theory and practice. 
Australian Association of Family Therapy: The aim of the association is to promote the study and effective practice, research and teaching of family therapy in Australia. 
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