Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

Louise Campbell

Louise Campbell


Louise Campbell, with her brothers and sisters, was stolen
from her parents in Bowraville in the early 1960s. She and
her siblings were further separated and for the next 20 years
had no knowledge of each other’s whereabouts until they
were finally reunited by their father. Louise spent her formative
years in the homes of her foster families as well as homes
and institutions in the interim. All this has given her a strong
sense of what it means to be wrenched from your family and

Louise is currently completing her Masters of Leadership in Education at Newcastle University. Louise has completed a Bachelor of Education (PE), has undertaken studies in a Bachelor of Jurisprudence (LLB) and
has a Diploma in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education.
She recently completed a Bachelor of Education.

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