Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

FSI Trainer - Charlie Ellis

Charlie Ellis_2Charmian (Charlie) Ellis is a registered psychologist and Medicare provider with post graduate qualifications in couple counselling.  Prior to joining the FSI, she worked at two of Australia’s leading counselling organizations, including 24 hour crisis counselling alongside work with individuals, couples and families.  Her specialty interests include “Prepare”  pre-marriage counselling, and assisting parents to be a calmer resource for anxious children.  With a country background herself, Charlie is also committed to assisting rural families, either through extended visits or through technology, such as skype or conference calls.

She has also worked more broadly in organisational and educational settings, including some time abroad in France and the UK.

Over the past two years, Charlie has been involved in running Family of Origin Groups  and our newly launched Growing Yourself Up – Reflection Groups at the Family Systems Institute.


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