Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.
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Systems in Ministry : Leadership in a time of Crisis

With keynote guest speaker: Rev Dr Robert Creech plus others.

Live online seminars (with delayed stream available): Wednesday 29th July and Wednesday 5th August, at 9:00 to 10:30 am (evening in U.S.)

Delayed stream available until 12th May: it is still possible to order the delayed stream of part 1, part 2, or the entire program on delayed stream. 

While particularly geared to leadership in faith communities, this 2-part seminar will be relevant to any in organisational leadership positions or support roles.

Dr. R. Robert Creech is Professor of Christian Ministries and Director of Pastoral Ministries, and holds the Hubert H. and Gladys S. Raborn Chair of Pastoral Leadership at George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University, Texas USA. For twenty-two years Robert was Senior Pastor at the University Baptist Church in Houston, Texas.

MC will be FSI board member Paul Grimmond (Dean of Students Moore College).

Interviewer: Craig Foster.


Crisis Leadership, Part 1

The first session (July 29th) will explore the nature of a “crisis” in a family, congregation, organization, or nation, a time when the future is truly in question. We’ll think through the roles of leadership during such times, the goals of crisis leadership, and consider practices that would make for high functioning leaders.

Followed by Dr Jenny Brown interviewed on the topic: Gospel unity versus anxious togetherness as churches navigate the recovery from shut down


Crisis Leadership, Part 2

The second session (August 5th) will focus on the way that our emotional immaturity can manifest itself during a crisis, when anxiety will inevitably spike. In particular, we will think about the dangers of lower functioning in such times. Overly-responsible (overfunctioning) leadership and the irresponsible (underfunctioning) leadership can worsen the crisis and keep us from accomplishing the goal of managing the emotional impact of the crisis on those we lead.

Followed by guest interview with Tara Stenhouse on “Non-anxious pastoral care”.


Books authored by the speakers of this event include:

Family Systems and Congregational Life by R R Creech

The Leader’s Journey by J Herrington, T Taylor, and R R Creech

Bowen family systems theory in Christian ministry, by J Brown and L Errington




$99 (incl, GST) USD 64 for both sessions

$59 (incl, GST) USD 38 for 1 session only

Until 12th May, it is still possible to order the delayed stream of part 1, part 2, or the entire program on delayed stream. 

And add a 15% discount when members of 1 ministry team register together – call our office to apply this 9904 5600.

Note: We welcome members of the same household to share a registration to our online events while in Covid-19 lockdown.

All FSI events, unless otherwise stated are subject to our cancellation policy.

Other helpful content from Robert Creech

An Open Letter to those Pastoring During a Pandemic: A blog post from Rev.Dr. R, Creech

In a matter of a few weeks pastoral ministry has become something none of us imagined. The impact of Covid-19 requires pastors to think innovatively and creatively about the calling we have given our lives to follow… Read more >

The Pastors Heart Interview with R Creech

What are the characteristics of effective leaders? How do emotional maturity and anxiety impact leadership? Effective pastoral ministry is primarily about relationships, and not primarily about skills and competencies. The preacher is vulnerable in the battle between pastoral affection and prophetic courage. For too many ministers, energy is directed more to what others think and to winning friends as opposed to goal-directed activity. Effective pastors are comfortable not having ‘answers’ to all the questions, solutions to every problem or knowing exactly what others should do. Plus Robert explores how church staff can over-function and under-function and the impact this has on a church. Any leader and member will find this conversation helpful as we strive to do life together, better.


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Date(s) - 12/08/2020
9:00 am - 10:30 am

via Zoom


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