Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

Systems at Work

Strengthening organisations through relationship effectiveness

In consulting to advisors and managers in the workplace and in family enterprise we apply the unique systems approach to:

  • identify the patterns without taking sides on the issues
  • share the systems analysis without getting in the middle of any relationship issues
  • draw out a map of patterns that can be useful after consultations. (This is distinct from a mediation process).


We can tailor programs to suit your learning needs:

Example 1:

“Becoming Systems Savvy” – utilizing systems awareness to enhance workplace functioning

  • Session 1 & 2: Understand the complexity of relationship patterns and their impact on workplace efficiency – especially the particular challenges of the family that also operates as a business.
  • Session 3 & 4: How to identify relational triangles and use this awareness to achieve greater effectiveness from team members.
  • Session 5 & 6: How to maximise the self-regulation capacities of the brain to bring greater stability to the work place system. (Includes use of Neuro-optimal equipment to demonstrate what it looks like to use more of the brain resources.)

Example  2:  consultations for and evaluation of team process

“Opening Up Connections – Unlocking the Flow of Relationship Communication”

  1. Identify the process of family/team communications
  2. Interventions to use this analysis to strengthen relationship effectiveness and unblock impasses.
  3. Building resilience in relationships to withstand future pressures

Relationship Effectiveness in Family Run Businesses

Any family owned business’s bottom line can be greatly enhanced by improved relationships amongst family and non-family employees.

At the Family Systems Institute, we have a particular interest in the challenges and possibilities of combining family relationships with the running of a sustainable business.  After all, families are our core business! We attend to the complexities of families and organisations in the belief that the keys to implementing successful growth strategies are predominately locked up in the complex family and non-family employee relational patterns.

Our consultants/trainers understand the complexities of relationships which are a particularly important and complex resource in organisations where familial and work relationships are blended.  We can lend a hand to advisors and to family run organisations by providing:

  • Coaching to advisors and family business leaders

or a

  • Training and support program for advisory teams or family run business management teams

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Upcoming Groups

There are currently no upcoming Systems at Work groups scheduled. Click here to view a full list of upcoming events at The Family Systems Institute.

To enquire about any of these programs – email: or call 9904 5600.

“This process of being mature in an anxious organisation has been likened to learning to sail against the wind; and as any sailor will tell you, this requires concentration and tolerating a strong tension, as the wind pressures the vessel to let it take over the controls.”

Jenny Brown, Growing Yourself Up:  Exisle Pub.

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