Coming to grips with Bowen Family Systems Theory in a collaborative learning environment.

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Facilitating emotional well being and relationship effectiveness through the application of Family Systems Theory.

The FSI Counselling Team

Our Psychologists, Psychotherapists & Mental Health Social Workers are experts in applying family systems approaches to working with individuals, couples and families.

All our clinical staff are tertiary qualified mental health professionals with post graduate training and experience in couple and family therapy. 

Medicare and Private Insurance Rebates available.

Skype consultations available, please speak to our reception staff to find out more (02) 9904 5600.

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Who should attend?

In family therapy, children and teenagers are usually seen with parents and other involved family members.

With couple problems it is ideal but not essential for both partners to be involved. If one partner is reluctant to come, a great deal can still be achieved with one motivated person.

For symptoms in a child or adolescent, parents are very important resource to the therapy process. Hence we ask that a parent be involved in sessions and it is also profitable for a parent to come without their child so that they can receive some parent coaching on how to promote their child’s resilience.

Getting the most out of your counselling

How much time is involved?

Naturally there is a great variety to each person’s needs, ranging from single session consultation to help with a difficult decision, to tackling a problem that has a long history.

Family systems counselling is one of the less time intensive approaches. The focus is on trying new strategies between counselling sessions. Sessions last for 1 hour and may begin as fortnightly (sometimes weekly) with greater spacing as things improve.


Our fees are lower than our association recommended rates to enable people more easily to make this important investment in there well being and the health of those they care about. There are a range of rebates available and these can be discussed with our intake receptionists.

Most of our counsellors are registered with Medicare for Better Access referrals and ATAPS  from GPs. Private Health Insurance Rebates also available. Those who use consultations for professional development or workplace coaching pay additional GST and may be able to claim as a tax deduction.

Payment can be made by credit card, cheque, eftpos or cash.

What kind of problems?

Our clinicians assist with a range of difficulties with an emphasis on each person’s relationships.

  • Couple disharmony
  • Child/adolescent emotional or behavioural problems
  • Grief and loss
  • Overcoming depression or anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Adjusting to stressful life events: divorce, retrenchment, relocation, mid life.
  • Resolving difficulties from childhood.
  • Tensions with extended family.


All of our clinicians are committed to the highest standards of:

  • Professional ethics.
  • Counselling that is informed by current professional research and scholarship.
  • Counselling that is geared to the unique needs of each client.
  • A mutual problem solving approach that aims to achieve a time efficient and economical service.
  • Applying the principles of healthy relationships and functioning to their own lives.


We assist people of all ages with all kinds of life difficulties. What is distinctive about our approach is that we explore how relationships are both a resource and a challenge in a person’s effort to live a healthy productive life.

Some Core Principles of Family Systems Approach:

  • Symptoms are viewed as connected to the big picture of a person’s life and relationships.
  • Clients are helped to develop self-awareness of how they are reacting to others and how their reactions are being responded to.
  • The past is explored to assist this awareness of circular patterns and the effect they have on people’s coping capacities.  Events from the past are not viewed as the cause of symptoms but as anxiety generators that have been responded to in the relationship system.  Hence each family member is affected differently by challenging events.
  • The therapist works hard not to take sides with any member of the clients’ relationship system.
  • Clients are encouraged to keep their change efforts outside of the therapy room – in the natural systems of real life and relationships. Hence sessions are often spaced out to allow for observing the things learned in counselling.


Cancellation Policy

Please note our policy on cancellations or missed appointments:

  • The full fee will be charged for missed appointments.
  • Half our fee will be charged if inadequate notice is given, under 48 hours, 2 working days.
  • We do not give reminders of appointments.
  • If you think there is a chance that you may not be able to make your appointment due to another commitment or symptoms of poor health, we ask that you cancel within 48 hours. Emergencies are serious sickness or sudden crisis with an immediate family member.

Upcoming Groups

Groups run several times throughout the year to provide a learning opportunity about how to promote more health in relationship networks and in self. Systems ideas are presented by the facilitator who uses real life examples. Participants have the opportunity to expand their thinking in collaboration with others. In between meetings they have opportunity to observe new ideas in their real life context.

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