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Jenny Brown TrainingJenny Brown

Faculty – Jenny Brown PhD, has worked as a social worker and family therapist since the early 1980s.  Her clinical work has been in alternate care, couple therapy, family therapy, adult mental health, family homelessness, expatriate families and child and family health. Jenny’s research over the past years has focussed on parents and their involvement in their child’s mental health treatment. She is well regarded in Australia for her training in Murray Bowen’s Family Systems Theory and has been dedicated to developing the application of this model in clinical practice and training since the early 1990s.

Having trained in family therapy with the Marriage Guidance Council, Jenny moved to the United States and completed her Masters doing her field work with Dr Salvador Minuchin and his Family Studies Institute in New York City.

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Linda MacKay

Faculty – Linda MacKay PhD has a well-established reputation in the counselling and family therapy fields in Australia. She is a faculty member of The Family Systems Institute in Sydney and passionate about teaching health professionals about working with clients from a Bowen family systems theory perspective.

Linda’s resume is impressive. She has presented at conferences throughout Australia and overseas and is well-known as a very engaging trainer who brings complex ideas to life, not only as a clinician and supervisor, but also in non-clinical organisational and workplace environments. She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples and families, and has specialised in working with people who have suffered complex trauma and grief issues including child sexual abuse, domestic violence, dissociation and self-harm.

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Jo Wright FSI Trainer
Jo Wright

Faculty –  Jo Wright has been founding member of the FSI team from 2004 to 2012.  From 2013 Jo has transitioned to a valued visiting contributer to the FSI training programs.  Jo is a registered Psychologist and has been working in the field of couple and family therapy since completing her initial training with Marriage Guidance NSW. She is highly regarded for her expertise in couple therapy. Jo worked as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer for Relationships Australia NSW for over 8 years and was manager of Unifam’s Sydney regional office for 5 years following this.

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Lily Mailler TrainerLily Mailler

Faculty – Lily Mailler is a registered psychologist whose work as a therapist is informed by her rich work experience and continued efforts to apply a Family Systems perspective to her personal and professional life.

Over the past 30 years and before joining the FSI, Lily worked with Individuals, couples and families in a wide variety of contexts which included community health settings, relationship agencies and residential care facilities for women and children at risk. She was involved in projects addressing issues such as: migrants and occupational health; mental health i.e. schizophrenia; domestic violence; anger management as well as parenting education. She has also worked with the aged and their carers addressing stress related issues.

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Annemaree Bickerton Trainer
Annemaree Bickerton

Faculty – Dr Annemaree Bickerton is a senior consultant child, adolescent and family psychiatrist who has for over two decades specialised in implementing innovative models of family-inclusive care in mental health settings. This has included the development of the Safety First Model1 for high risk young people, developing the Pyramid of Family Care2 and the Staying Connected When Emotions Run High3 family intervention. Dr Bickerton works in a range of clinical settings including with complex high risk “Whole of Family” teams and also consults broadly to senior managers to support major service development reform to prioritise models of care that empower families and position them as the key resource in recovery and optimise community-based care. Dr Bickerton greatly enjoys training and educating and brings energy, enthusiasm and passion to her workshops.

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Charlie Ellis_2

Charlie Ellis

Associate Faculty – Charmian (Charlie) Ellis is a registered psychologist and Medicare provider with post graduate qualifications in couple counselling.  Prior to joining the FSI, she worked at two of Australia’s leading counselling organizations, including 24 hour crisis counselling alongside work with individuals, couples and families.  Her specialty interests include “Prepare”  pre-marriage counselling, and assisting parents to be a calmer resource for anxious children.  With a country background herself, Charlie is also committed to assisting rural families, either through extended visits or through technology, such as skype or conference calls.

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