Dedicated to applying Bowen family systems theory to enhance health, growth & relationships

Certificate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory and Practice

1 Year Introductory Certificate Program – 3 Year Advanced Certificate Program – Long distance option

For those who are committed to taking their knowledge and application of Family Systems Theory to a deeper level. Participants can come from a variety of behavioural science backgrounds and work settings.

Required Annual Participation (covered by cost of annual registration)

  • Monthly Reading and Discussion groups (2 short written summary papers)
  • Min 4 lectures from the Bowen Centre 1/1/2hrs each. Choice of 10 meetings to attend
  • A group meeting with our conference presenter – 2 hours (includes Graduation)
  • 3 half day participant presentations (each person presents once a year)
  • Planning-supervision session


Requirements with individual choice components (Paid for additional to annual registration –      previous FSI training can be credited towards this)

  • Supervised practice -individual or group.
  • Workshop / conference attendance.
  • Family of origin coaching (Individual and group options).
  • For 3 yr. participants: Submission of a written case study illustrating the application of family systems theory to a clinical case, workplace dilemma or a description of their own family of origin work


“After many years of clinical practice as a couple and family therapist I launched into the Certificate program to further my personal and professional development. The Program provided thought provoking and stimulating readings, lectures and discussion groups.  There is always more to learn about self as a therapist and Bowen FS Theory provided a grounded understanding of human behaviour. The personal Family of Origin work has been hugely satisfying. The course was not too demanding on my time, it fitted perfectly with my other responsibilities” – Testimonial by Anita Van Aken


How to enrol:

Firstly please contact our office to express your interest [; or 02 9904 5600] and enable us to help you be clear about the program requirements and costs. You can then submit a Registration Form when it is established that the course is a good fit for you. You will then attend a planning meeting to establish your learning goals.

It is possible to apply for credit for any professional development events that the trainee has attended at the FSI (or with our graduate faculty supervisors) prior to registering for the Certificate program.

Annual Registration Cost: $ 1490.00 (Inc GST)  or two instalments of $ 780.00 (Inc GST) paid 3 months apart.

For further information please refer to our Certificate Program Brochure

You may also view our Certificate Program Calendar dates here: Certificate Program Calendar 2017    Certificate Program Calendar 2018

PLEASE NOTE ADDITIONAL COST to the core training program: participants need to independently pay for the required hours of supervision, family of origin work and workshop attendance. Any of these activities that have been done with the FSI (or FSI faculty) prior to registration can be credited to the course. As a guide – the additional costs usually come to approx. double the set registration fees. The costs of the additional requirements are impacted by group versus individual supervision/family of origin and extent of recognition of prior learning.


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