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 Coming to grips with family systems theory in a collaborative learning environment.

The goal of all our training programs is:
“To teach and apply family systems theory as developed by Dr Murray Bowen and consolidated by ongoing scholarship and research. To assist people to be researchers of themselves in their relationships as well as to provide a forum where professionals can collaborate, grapple and develop systems thinking.”   Lily Mailler, faculty 

All our training groups allow for experiential learning. Groups and workshops are kept to a size that maximises collaboration. Our larger meetings allow for plenty of Q & A and smaller break out group discussions. participants are provided with a range of  home learning resources to consolidate their learning.

Workshops & Events

A comprehensive list of all upcoming workshops, events and conferences with the ability to register online.

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Read profiles on each of the FSI and visiting trainers who write and facilitate all FSI training programs.

Certificate Program

The Certificate Program is for those who are committed to taking their knowledge and application of Family Systems Theory to a deeper level we offer an integrated, guided program in the theory and practice of Bowen Family Systems Theory.To see if spaces are available for any upcoming CP groups and to ensure this is the right course for you: Go Here

Supervision Groups

The FSI offers small group supervision encouraging participants to become clear about their own thinking regarding their work and management of them selves as a helper. The supervisor introduces a family systems way of understanding the clinical dilemmas presented.

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Family of Origin Coaching

Family of Origin Coaching assists the participant to be a researcher in their own family of origin and to understand their position and those of other family members, in the pattern of relationships. Family of Origin Research & Discussion groups or individual coaching options are available.

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Systems @ Work

If you are interested in strengthening your organisation through relationship effectiveness the FSI offers 2 core programs specifically focused on helping you do just this.

Systems in Ministry

If you are interested in using Bowen family systems thinking to navigate relationship challenges in: pastoral care, congregations and pastoral community, ministry teams and leadership – the FSI offers a variety of services to assist in these areas.
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