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The Family Systems Practice Network

The family systems practice network is a list of practitioners who are active members of the Family Systems Institute Graduate group (after completing our 3 year advanced Certificate Program) or who are current members of Faculty. Each practitioner on this network has solid training in Bowen family systems theory and practice and is engaged in ongoing supervision and scholarship in this approach.

Please note – our network applies to  these specifically Bowen theory oriented individuals and not to other members of the practice of which they are a part. Often clinicians who are part of a team may work from quite different theories and models.

We recommend that each individual, wanting to find a therapist/coach/supervisor, do their own homework to assess the suitability of the professional they select.

Faculty clinicians:

Jo Wright – Lindfield and Dee Why

Jenny Brown – The Family Systems Practice

Linda Mackay – Neutral Bay

Lily Mailler –  Neutral Bay and Newport

Graduate clinicians:

Alicia Falzon – South Brisbane

Heather Bray – Balgowlah

Martina Palombi – Neutral Bay and Bondi

Megan Cook – Neutral Bay

Veronica Peters – Newcastle & Forster

Vinity Gill – Sydney


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